Juel Ahmed

Tue Oct 20 2020 04:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


“Growing up, most Bangladeshi families I knew had little to no knowledge about investing. They only knew of certain investment strategies, like buying a grocery store or real estate. Our family of nine lived in an apartment for years before moving to a three-story house down the block. This was my family’s idea of investment, buying real estate and hoping it would appreciate in value one day.

Buying a house was no easy feat. I hardly saw my dad because he’d drive 15-18 hour shifts in his yellow cab. The man did this for more than a decade to save up for that house. And every time we asked why he worked so much, he’d reply “it’s all for you kids, you’ll understand one day.”

Like many of my peers, I was instructed to go to school, get an education, graduate, and get a good office job. My dad would give my younger brothers and me these deep talks at the dinner table and couldn’t stress more about the importance of education. He vowed that none of his kids would ever drive a taxi like him.

My dad was a man of honor. He didn't have a college degree or certificates to prove his intelligence, but every time he spoke to me, I felt like I was listening to a favorite professor. His words were powerful and direct and my community would go to him for advice or resolutions on internal issues.

I wish I could tell my dad that he didn't need to drive a cab anymore and that I got it. That I could take care of the whole family through my investments. My dad passed away before he could see my accomplishments and the man I’ve become. He’d be so proud if he knew all of his sons graduated college, worked corporate jobs, and ran their own businesses.

My dad gifted me gems of advice. I took them all and ran with it. Right now I trade cryptocurrencies and I’m an active investor in blockchain technology, crypto, and stocks. I learned early on that you need to invest and have money work for you. It’s now my turn to give others valuable advice and spread knowledge to my community to better position them for success. Just like my dad did for us and so many others.”