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"We presented the flag of our dreams... A huge crowd cheered and clapped to welcome our new flag. We had crossed the first mile of our path to independence. We kept crossing mile markers like this, one after another, building our way towards ultimate victory."


"On August 1, 1972, months after Bangladesh was formed, our family of six, along with 500 armed force officers and families were taken to Prison Camps in Bannu, in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan... For all of us there, we had a common goal and objective - to go to Bangladesh."

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"There is an undeniable lack of South Asian representation in the beauty field, which I want to help remedy as a beauty marketing professional. Growing up, my sister and I didn't have any brown role models to look towards when flipping through pages of Cosmo magazine. I hope to change that."


"In times of stress and panic while running my business today, those simple words--- 'I'll figure it out' --- keep me going. Without a great support system and taking great risks, my business would not be where it is today."


"Young children were running through the streets with our nation's flag flying like a cape on their backs. Our neighbors and friends had tears streaming down their faces, proudly shouting 'Joy Bangla!'"

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"We won on December 16, 1971, Victory Day, following the surrender of the occupation army. We couldn't go home to Bagerhat right away, but when we did we were given a gorgeous reception, one that is still fresh in our memories."


"My parents were initially supportive of me boxing, especially after I went through surgery in February 2021. They would repeatedly ask, 'Ma, etho koshto kore lab ache?' But they also saw my passion for the sport and came around to it."


"I have always felt a duty to share the richness of Bangladeshi culture and our language. After unsuccessfully searching for Bangla learning materials online, I decided to start the Learn Bangla YouTube channel."


"The nation of Bangladesh has not been able to give support to any of the martyred families due to post-war devastation and political turmoil. Their enormous contributions have not been recorded in our history. Hopefully, through our stories it will one day be known."

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"The roads were too dangerous and the only way to escape was through the rice fields. I watched the women scurry along their infants in a panic to get to safety... The men had gathered their flock of lamb and cattles and made the journey."

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"They say that when one door closes, another one opens. What they don't tell you is that most of the time, you have to search long and hard to find that other door for yourself. As it turns out, my aspirations were still intact. The events of that day didn't derail me, but rather helped me redirect my energy towards finding a new path."


"I think about how my life has changed in a short time... Life truly comes full circle, especially when you love what you do."