Mentorship Program

Children of 1971 will be launching its first mentorship program this Spring 2021. Our goal is to connect Bangladeshi-American mentees with mentors who are best aligned with mentee interests and career goals. 


Children of 1971

Children of 1971 hopes to bridge the gap between young people and experienced professionals to help pave the way towards opportunities and different career paths. Many of us are first-generation Bangladeshi-Americans and learned lessons on our own that we can now pass on to the younger generation. Together, we can help them reach even higher than we did.

Mentorship Program

Mentors will be matched with a mentee in high school or college in the U.S. Our four month program (March 2021 - June 2021) will consist of 30 minute bi-weekly sessions with mentors and their mentees. Children of 1971 will have regular check-ins, as well as host personal and professional development workshops for both mentors and mentees to attend once a month.

The Mentors

Our mentors will provide guidance to their mentees on how to succeed and further build and heal our Bangladeshi community. Mentors will have the opportunity to encourage the next generation to explore opportunities while expanding on interpersonal and leadership skills. Children of 1971 believes that mentors are a pivotal role in this program and to the younger Bangladeshi-American generation.

The Mentees

Our mentees will be matched with a mentor who can provide them guidance on how to succeed and pursue their career goals within their interests. Mentees will also gain insight into further building and healing our Bangladeshi community. Mentees will learn about a mentor's story, life and career experiences, and skillsets. Children of 1971 believes mentees can mold the future they envision for themselves.